once upon a time there was a time
by Kye Nelson and Gene Gendlin

Once upon a time there was a time, and the one time was two times, but it was really one time.

One of the times was a long, long ago time and it was very little. And that time had a bad thing happen so it didn't like to be by itself.

But sometimes the other right-now time went away and left it alone. And then the little long-ago time got scared and lonely because it didn't remember that the two times were really one time. And its tummy wouldn't feel very good, and it needed a nesty place to be safe in, right now. But the other time would be too busy to come and be with the long long ago time.

But since they were really one time (did you still remember they were one time?) the busy time's tummy would start to feel bad, too. So then it would sit down, and the little time would come and sit next to it, and then they would start to feel better.

And then they would remember that they were really one time.

And then it felt all okay.

Kye Nelson is a watcher, thinker, painter, and collaborative consultant. Find out more about her work at www.workingprocess.com or contact her at 210/413-4339, info@workingprocess.com.

Gene Gendlin is a noted philosopher and psychologist. Find out more about his work at www.focusing.org

This material © 2000 by Kye Nelson. All rights reserved.

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