Looking Ahead

...upcoming events for Finding Your Place (FYP), Thinking At the Edge, (TAE), Embodying, and the Focusing In Contemplation certification program (FIC)

Meeting times for thinking circles 

These are three-hour meetings on Sunday afternoons.  

People work with a partner at their current edge, pose process questions to the rest of the group if they are stuck, and keep current with one another's projects.  

There is no charge.  To participate actively with a partner in the group, prior Thinking At the Edge (TAE) experience is required, but anyone is welcome to come and sit in.

New York

May 13, 3pm 

July 11, 3pm

both at Forrestine Paulay's home (email forrestine@mindspring.com for more information)


May 23, 2pm

July 18 (possibly July 25), 2pm

September 12, 2pm

all at Francesca Castaldi's home (email castafran@earthlink.net for more information)


Upcoming workshops and other special events 

All workshops are with Kye Nelson unless otherwise noted.  

Register for workshops here.


May 21 - 24: Thinking At the Edge (TAE) Level II, and Embodying.  Prerequisite: TAE Level I

New York

June 25: Finding Your Place (FYP) (Forrestine Paulay assisting)

June 26 - 27: Thinking At the Edge (TAE) Level I (Forrestine Paulay assisting).  Prerequisite: FYP

October 15 - 17: Thinking At the Edge (TAE) Level II, and Embodying (Forrestine Paulay assisting).  Prerequisite: TAE Level I

October 28 - November 1: Thinking At the Edge retreat, with Eugene Gendlin and Kye Nelson, in Garrison, New York (2 hours north of NYC) --register on the Focusing Institute website at www.focusing.org 


March 12-15:  Thinking At the Edge (TAE) Level II, and Embodying (Francesca Castaldi assisting)


Focusing In Contemplation dates...

Projected beginning time for next training group is September, 2004.  Group schedules are arrived at by consensus of group members.  If you want to be part of the consensus process for the next group, by July 1st we need to know you will be participating.  

Dates for current FIC group

March 21, 6-9pm CST: group conference call

April 25, 6-9pm CST: group conference call

May 16, 6-9pm CST: group conference call

June 6, 6-9pm CST: group conference call

July 9 - 11 CST: retreat

August 15, 3-6pm: group conference call

September 19, 3-6pm: group conference call



December: holiday break


Other dates...

March 23 - April 6: Kye is teaching TAE in Tokyo and Nagoya Japan

(April 9 - 11: Kye is engaged in family affairs)

(April 24 - 25: Kye is on retreat)

May 1 - 7, Kye is at Focusing International in Costa Rica

(June 5 - 6: Kye is engaged in family affairs)

in early January of 2005, Kye will be a presenter at a regional Shambhala Institute event at The Crossings, in Austin, TX


Other questions? 

Call 210/829-5177, or email info@antheosophia.org 

Private sessions are available with Kye, in person or by phone.  Call or email to arrange an appointment.



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