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New Green Shoots offers practical support and a forum for deep listening, emergent thinking, and embodied action.  As we grapple with the difficult issues facing us in the world today, we need to communicate as people first, across the boundaries of disciplines, sharing with one another new ways forward which are grounded in our tacit, bodily-felt wisdom. 

Who is it for?

New Green Shoots is for anyone who wants to stay current with what is happening across disciplines as people begin to use new embodied thinking technologies such as Thinking At the Edge.  It also provides practical support for those engaged in such practices.


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are welcomed.  If you would like an article, poem, or ..... to be considered for publication, please send to in a Microsoft Word (for text) or jpeg (for graphics) file.

Current issue:  October, 2003 


A poetry of the body

To evoke experiencing is to take someone by the hand and bring them to an inner location, where they can experience something like what we are experiencing.  Poetry is evocative: and in this issue we show how to enter into the place where a poem could come, and from there, to let words form which evoke this.  Two quite beautiful poems are included in this issue which are examples of this poetry of the body.  Metaphor is often used in evocation, and in that spirit one theme of the issue is metaphor, and the use of metaphor in Focusing and in Listening.

Also in this issue: Gena Corea's description of an innovation which can help to restore human dignity to healthcare, and Bret Lyons' description of Breathwork.  Both articles are the fruit of their authors' engagement in deep thinking at workshops held in 2003.  Both are articulations of wisdom that comes from decades of practice in their respective areas.

There is much more in this issue... Christel Kraft on "Focusing and monkey-mind"... Frans Depestele's example of the first five steps of TAE... Mary Jennings' account of the delights of one of the Focusing and Philosophy weeklongs at Cumbrae in Scotland...


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