about philia-sophia

an interdisciplinary community
lovingly feeling our way
around (and towards) what is

We seek
to welcome and hear
all voices.

philia sophia: (fee lee uh soe fee uh) [[new Latin philia, tending toward, (from Greek philos loving, beloved, dear) + sophia wisdom, understanding what is]]

We invite you to join in our conversation, by sending a blank e-mail to:

Some topics we've already touched:
  • time pressures and overload
  • how can we speak from experience?
  • different kinds of censorship
  • in conversation, being safe to be foggy, and also free to be bold
  • poverty, oppression and injustice
  • do we need to choose between goodness and beauty?
  • out of what wider matrix does right action spring?
  • being in community
  • spiritual principles, and shame
  • how we've been affected in parent-child relationships
  • whether it is possible for people to change
  • whether causing pain to others is okay
  • being a china bull
  • sitting under the table and contemplating the sky
  • thoughts after teaching piano for 45,000 hours
  • spiritual experiments
  • intentionality
  • dandelions
  • becoming a grandmother again
  • the wisdom of that inner kid

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