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Here, you can find support for person-centered ways of working, as well as some thoughts about what work, especially skilled or creative work, actually is for the person doing it:
  • On drawing, some thoughts about the process of making art,
  • On deftness, thoughts about working skillfully,
  • As we work: supporting someone at their working edge (here, the work is with children--but the principles are the same for anyone),
  • a transcript of a work partnership session, in which one partner was getting ready for a conference presentation,
  • Work partnership basics: forming a listening relationship which can support you as you work (or think... or learn...),
  • Work partners' retreat: Weekend retreat to be held in May 2001, with Kye Nelson.

Check out these links:
  • Roger Lewin and Birute Regine on successful organizations who, in applying the principles of complexity science to business, have discovered that people--and the relationships between them--are primary, and inherent in the success of the company,
  • David Korten on looking to living systems to teach us new ways of living and working that value life,
  • Tom Petzinger on business as a fundamentally human institution

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